Welcome to driftwood-studio.net


DRIFTWOOD-STUDIO is where to see the paintings created by Grizelda Cockwell.

I was born and brought up in England, but have lived in the Falkland Islands for more years than I'm prepared to admit.  Although I spend a few months every year in France with my partner, I would not live anywhere else.  The light in the Islands is so beautiful, unpredictable and changeable, creating infinite changes in whatever is in your vision.  It's a grand life - as long as you like gardening, walking and the great outdoors.

Please browse the gallery.  Do contact me if you have any questions about the works or require a commission.
I have a magpie-like tendency to latch on to anything that catches my attention.  It doesn't have to be shiny though.  So what happens is that when a subject demands my attention it will stay with me until I've got it out of my system, which is why you will see a rather eclectic mixture of subjects in the gallery.